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Kesz Valdez Wins International Children’s Peace Prize 2012

Cris "Kesz" Valdez, 13, was awarded this season's International Children Peace Prize at a gleaming wedding held at Ridderzaal in The Hague, Netherlands on September 19. Kesz, who was chosen by the Expert Committee among three nominees, obtained a 100,000 European ($130,000) prize.

Kesz Valdez was passed the peace award for his “Championing Community Children” charitable organization targeted at providing street kids wish and displaying them that they can take their upcoming into their own hands.

Kesz, who once was once a sufferer of misuse being left to feed on the roads at the age of two, goes to disadvantaged areas together with his friends to show children about cleanliness, food and kids privileges. Their charitable organization also increases resources to spread gift packages like toys and games, slippers, sweets and outfits to the displaced.

According to Kids Rights Foundation who structured the International Children's Peace Award, Kesz has so far assisted more than 10,000 kids in his community in Cavite.

Discover the video below to know more about Kesz Valdez and why he won the said famous award:

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